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Pentawards大会状态更新——80%的门票已一抢而空! 现在注册即可免费获取入场机会。


As ADF&PCD Shanghai approaches, we would like to present one of our key brands speaking at Pentawards Conference: Yuesai.


Every Chinese woman has two sides of beauty: the inner wisdom and outer confidence. With the deep understanding of Chinese women for 25 years, Yuesai appreciates the uniqueness of Chinese Beauty – a balanced combination of Outer Beauty and Inner Wisdom.

羽西品牌总经理贺洁将于2019年3月28日出席上海独家Pentawards大会并担任演讲嘉宾。贺洁将与BETC Asia首席执行官兼创始人Christophe Pradère一同出席此次大会。

Janet He, Brand General Manager of Yuesai, will be our guest speaker at the exclusive Pentawards Conference in Shanghai on 28 March 2019. Janet will come on stage together with Christophe Pradère, CEO&Founder of BETC Design and CEO of BETC Asia.


Janet and Christophe will share insights with the audience about their work together on the premium Yuesai brand. The duo will discuss how to bring a traditional brand and transform it from an “old-fashioned” position in the consumers’ mindset to something more appealing, fresh and new.


Want to know the secret of how to use a fighting spirit and winning mentality to create something new from something old? This is a conference session you cannot miss!



Founded by Madame Yue-Sai Kan in 1992, Yue Sai brought modern beauty to Chinese women for the first time. Yuesai endeavours to develop beauty products specially made for Chinese women, inspired by the Traditional Chinese Medicine and boosted by Advanced technology to extract active ingredients for high efficacy and safety. Let the modern Chinese beauty bloom inside-out.


The most iconic products include: Vitalize Ganoderma Youth Preserving Toner, Vitalize Ganoderma Cushion BB, Regenerate Ginseng Restoring Eye Cream and Cordyceps lipsticks.


BETC创意中心,1995年创立于巴黎,隶属于Havas集团。BETC拥有超过1000名的员工,是欧洲最大的创意机构之一,也是世界上获奖最多的机构之一。2007年,BETC开始进入亚洲市场,并于2011年在上海设立办事处,这些年来,BETC一直致力于了解本土文化,以便更好地与当地客户沟通,将优质的服务,从西方带入中国。BETC Asia 提供360°全方位服务:品牌战略、视觉识别设计、产品和包装设计、零售设计、社交媒体和广告等;拥有来自各行各业的客户,如法国达能集团、茶灵、羽西、玛丽黛佳、三草两木、海尔、汉庭、联合利华、弗雷德等。

BETC is a creative hub based in Paris, created in 1995, part of the Havas Group. With a team of over 1000 people worldwide, it is one of the biggest creative agencies in Europe, and also one of the most awarded in the world. Working for the Asian markets since 2007 with offices in Shanghai since 2011, BETC has been working hard to understand local cultures and behaviors, in order to work with local actors too, and not only global clients. BETC Asia provides 360° services: brand strategy, visual identity design, product & packaging design, retail design, social media and advertising. Clients include Danone, Cha Ling, Yuesai, Marie Dalgar, Saselomo, Haier, Hanting, Unilever, Fred, and many more across various industries.



ADF&PCD Shanghai follows a series of global events which have been running since 2004. With a long successful history in Paris and New York, it is returning to Shanghai for its 2nd edition. The event offers visitors a unique B2B platform to meet with high quality packaging suppliers, attend 2 content-packed conferences, network with industry peers and discuss the latest industry challenges over a glass of champagne during othe networking reception.


Register now for free entrance and visit the future of aerosol and cosmetic packaging with us!


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