Exclusive Interview | Four Decades of Eternal: Perfume Mogul in Ever Changing Market

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On September 23, 2020, with the theme of “Breakthrough • Transformation”, the "China Cosmetics Retail Channel Conference • Shandong Summit" organized by the

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Compared with 2019, the ranking of imported brands has undergone a major reshuffle. The well-known Chinese brands PECHOIN and CHANDO had a solid performance wit

Does L'Oréal really "flop" in the beauty instrument market? Clarisonic to be shut down!

The originator of the "facial cleansing device" failed to live past 20 years old.

New Retail Store Types 2020 | 10-plus local beauty collection stores burst onto the scene: who are mimickers and who are innovators?

Have you been tired of reading the high-frequency words about beauty collection stores appearing in the notes of various Red Home bloggers, including the beauty


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