Exclusive Interview | Four Decades of Eternal: Perfume Mogul in Ever Changing Market

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Strategic Investment in France's Ricci Family. How Does USHOPAL Gain Momentum in China's Luxury Perfume Market with Juliette Has A Gun?

Shakespeare wrote both tragedies and comedies which present contradictions and love as well as empathy for the mundane people and mockery of the society. Just l

Exclusive Interview with Henry Karamanoukian: 12% Growth in China’s Market;

To win in China's booming and ever-changing daily chemical market, giants should move faster to adapt to the trends and rules in the Chinese market.

China-Israel Cosmetics Joint Statement Signed! Will Israel Become the Next Beauty Influencer on the Internet?

As the opening to the outside world gains greater momentum, the Chinese market has become a safe haven and a new high ground for global cosmetics - And this tim

Magical weapon of P&G/L’Oreal/Shiseido: “Nicknames” and the business competition behind it

How do you know if a cosmetic brand is truly popular? You sure can tell if consumers have a nickname for it.

Exclusive Interview | How “Mavrick” Drunk Elephant Utilizes Shiseido to Dominate Chinese Market.

Drunken Elephant, one of of the fastest growing skincare brands in the USA, entered the Chinese market and was acquired by Shiseido in the second half of 2019.

Raw Material Price is Up! New Launches Are Postponed! How can China’s Cosmetic Industry Survive the Global Pandemic? | Global Pandemic Containment Special Report

2020 has had a rough start. As the global pandemic keeps ravaging, many countries have adopted lockdown measures. The US stock market had four circuit breakers


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